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Wellbeing Programs

Want to reduce staff absenteeism, increase productivity and reduce staff turnover?

Workplace wellbeing programs encompass a range of strategic wellbeing and employee training initiatives proven to improve mental health, increase performance and reduce staff burnout and absenteeism.

Wellbeing Programs are less of a tokenistic bandaid fix, working to address core issues contributing to poor mental health, low job satisfaction, stress, and burnout in the workplace.

1 in 5 working Australians currently have a mental health disorder with mental health conditions accounting for an increasing proportion of serious work cover claims.

Mental health issues are a leading cause of reduced productivity, absenteeism and staff turnover. The median time lost for mental health claims is 30.7 weeks, compared to 6.2 weeks for physical claims.

Poor mental health and wellbeing is costing Australian businesses billions of dollars annually. The median compensation paid for a mental health cover claim is $55,270.

Every $1 spent on workplace wellbeing programs can achieve a $2.30 return on investment. Australian workers now consider wellness programs to be a top 3 factor when applying for a role at a new company.

What we offer

Corporate wellness programs tailored to your workplace

Combining engaging workshops, manager and leadership training, newsletters, workplace wellbeing surveys, employee assistance programs (EAP), meditation classes and workplace posters, choose the Wellbeing Program that fits your team, industry and budget.

Corporate Wellness Program

Gold Wellbeing Program

For the progressive workplace who positions themselves as the ultimate employer of choice

Gold Wellbeing Program

Discover the secret to attracting, developing and retaining the ultimate workforce.
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Silver Wellbeing Program

For innovative organisations looking to take the next step up in transforming employee wellbeing

Silver Wellbeing Program

Find the perfect balance in retaining and investing back into your people.
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Bronze Wellbeing Program

For modern workplaces wanting to take the first step in investing in employee wellbeing and performance

Bronze Wellbeing Program

Take the first step in offering a program that prioritises staff wellbeing.
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How it works

Tailored workplace wellbeing programs in three easy steps

Step 1

Tell us
about your

You could have the best wellbeing program in the world, but if your employees aren’t engaged, what’s the point? 

That’s why we get to know your team first and tailor a program to suit their diverse needs and backgrounds.

Gold Wellbeing Programs include a customised workplace wellbeing survey based on the Perma +4 model to measure, assess and benchmark your current workplace conditions.

Our Organisational Psychologist and insights specialist analyse the results to identify and understand key workplace indicators across the individual, department and organisation as a whole.

Step 2


After spending the time with you to understand your workplace, we’ll present 3 suggested options that integrate productivity, mental health and performance into your employee lifecycle. Your suggested programs will take into account the following:

  • Industry
  • Workplace size and location
  • Organisational structure
  • Values and culture
  • Systems, policies and procedures
  • Psychosocial hazards
  • Employee skills, education and diversity
  • Job roles and responsibilities
  • Leadership and communication style
  • Budget
  • Step 3

    Promote your

    An investment in your team, is an investment in your organisation’s future.

    To promote your new employee wellbeing program, we’ll create a range of customised graphics, digital tiles, posters and calendar appointments to get your staff members excited about what’s to come. 

    Workshops and classes can be cross-promoted via your intranet and other online platforms, with photos of your events provided by us together with social media tiles to further celebrate your commitment to employee training and wellbeing.

    Gold Wellbeing Programs also include co-branded posters and materials.

    Ready to implement a holistic, multi-faceted and effective wellbeing program that drives results?

    Wellbeing extends beyond mental health.

    The power of corporate wellness programs

    4 %

    increase in productivity

    15 %

    reduction in staff absenteeism

    21 %

    profit increase

    25- 21 %

    reduction in staff turnover

    Wellbeing programs boost productivity, employee engagement and profitability.

    Because when employees are happy, understood and fulfilled at work they’re more likely to be:

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    Giving them a better ability to cope with change, stress and frustrating work situations

    Self-motivated & Proactive

    Making it easier to motivate and engage them in the company's vision and their own learning and development.


    Helping them see problems as challenges while generating better outcomes for themselves and those around them.

    Source: Global Wellness Report, 2016

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    Why partner with The Wellness Workshop?

    With hundreds of wellbeing programs, choosing the right partner can be hard. While it’s tempting to use digital apps to solve people-centric issues, it can never replace the power of human connection. At The Wellness Workshop we blend technology with people to bring the best out of your team. We do this through engaging and interactive programs, customised to your teams’ unique needs bringing employee wellbeing and performance to the forefront of your business. No generic online programs, no pre-recordings and no celebrity endorsements. We make your team the heroes of their wellbeing program.

    Workplaces that trust us for wellbeing programs…


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a corporate wellness program?

    A corporate wellness program is made up of evidence-based strategies aimed at improving the mental, physical and vocational wellbeing of staff while minimising negative impacts such as high stress and susceptibility to injury or illness as a result of work-related matters.

    Poor health and wellbeing at work can lead to employee absenteeism, presenteeism, high margin for error and low productivity.


    What are the benefits of workplace wellbeing programs for employees?

    Benefits of on-site and office wellbeing initiatives include:

    Ready to cultivate happier and more resilient employees?

    Become a Wellbeing Partner and let us do the rest for you

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