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Adding teacher wellbeing to the curriculum

Reduce absenteeism, teacher stress and high staff turnover with a teacher wellbeing program focused purely on improving teacher and support staff outcomes.

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Teacher Wellbeing and workshops for teachers

Want to know the secret to fostering a productive, happy and engaged cohort?

Content, motivated and supported teachers and education staff that feel valued and prioritised.

Reduce teacher stress and burnout, retain employees for longer, and improve staff outcomes with personal development workshops aimed purely at enhancing staff skills and wellbeing.

Professional development for teachers

Teacher wellbeing programs for schools, child-care centres, tafes and universities

High levels of daily stress, low self-confidence and efficacy, and overwhelming workloads can all contribute to teacher stress and burnout.

That’s why our wellbeing workshop topics expand beyond the classroom, and are one of the only programs focussed on enhancing staff, not just student outcomes.

From communication to emotional resilience and coping mechanisms, mindfulness, self-care and work-life balance, we take a holistic approach to staff and teacher wellbeing that prioritises educators.

Let's talk about teacher mental health

Why prioritise teacher wellbeing?

The latest teacher wellbeing research highlights the need for change

Teachers are the beating heart of any classroom. Organisations that invest in teacher wellbeing, invest in their future. When teaching staff feel valued, happy and supported at work, students thrive.

Why Choose The Wellness Workshop?

Did you know The Wellness Workshop was the only Australian owned and run wellbeing provided to be awarded a medal in HRD’s Corporate Health & Wellbeing 2023 Awards? After years of working closely with hundreds of Australia’s educational organisations, we have a deep understanding of the issues facing teachers, early childhood educators and support staff.

Teacher Wellbeing


Forget boring, monotone presentations that fail to inspire. We share digestible and relevant information you actually want to know.

Evidence Based

We use the latest research in behavioural change psychology to inform the content and activities in our workshops.

Expert Informed

From dietitians to psychologists, our workshops are created and facilitated by allied health professionals and certified coaches.


Step-by-step activities to help your staff put theory into practice well after the workshop has finished.


The preferred wellbeing partner for hundreds of local and international organisations.


From admin to promotion and sending reminders, we offer an end-to-end service so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Organisations who trust us with teacher wellbeing programs

Teacher self-care and teacher mental health

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What is a teacher wellbeing program?

Teacher wellbeing programs aim to improve interpersonal skills, emotional regulation and environmental factors contributing to poor teacher mental health and workplace stress.

Wellbeing programs include evidence-based workshops that explore key topics impacting teachers such as work-life balance, stress management, self-care and communication skills.

Wellbeing newsletters and posters act as a reminder for teachers to prioritise self-care, with meditation and mindfulness classes providing an outlet to de-stress, decompress and unwind.

Why is wellbeing for teachers important?

Improving teacher wellbeing doesn’t just improve staff outcomes; it translates to better student performance. Prioritising the wellbeing of teaching and support staff is pivotal in ensuring employees feel supported, connected and valued in their school community.
A content and motivated teacher can positively transform a student’s life and create a learning environment that encourages growth, opportunity and achievement.

Supporting and enhancing teacher wellbeing means schools are less likely to lose great educational leaders through poor work-life balance, stress and low job satisfaction.

Mental Health Workshop for Teachers

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