Movement for Life

Want to reduce injury, poor posture and chronic pain?
Promote physical wellbeing, reduce the risk of workplace injury and empower employees to develop a personalised movement plan for any level.

Movement For Life

1 hour Seminar

Resources: 2 page key learnings PDF summary

Delivery mode: Face-to-face or Virtual (MS Teams or Zoom)


The 1 hour Movement For Life Seminar helps employees develop a personalised movement program to suit their lifestyle, personality, body and goals – ideal for any fitness stage. Participants will discover the six categories of exercise and how each differs in function, performance, programming and outcome, as well as common exercise myths to avoid. They’ll learn the role of various exercise professionals and understand who to see for injuries, aches, pains, or newly diagnosed diseases. Lastly, employees will explore the psychological barriers, limiting beliefs and previous experiences that may be negatively impacting their relationship with movement.

Key Learnings

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the difference between movement and exercise
  • Learn the six categories of movement and how they differ
  • Identify the steps to consider when moving more or starting a new workout program
  • Understand the role of each exercise professional and when to see them
  • Discover the benefits of moving more across all areas of wellbeing including emotional, social and physical.
  • Create a step-by-step movement plan that’s sustainable, beneficial and suited to our personality


What you’ll do

  • Grounding activity
  • A step-by-step guide: How to start building a personalised movement program.
  • Consider individual factors when planning to move more

2 hour Workshop

Resources: 32 page activity booklet

Delivery mode: Face-to-face or Virtual (MS Teams or Zoom)


The 2 hour Movement For Life Workshop covers everything covered in the 1 hour seminar as well as exploring the six-movement categories further, including exercise examples and demonstrations. The role of exercise professionals and how they assist in different life stages from infancy to young adulthood, pregnancy and older adulthood is discussed in greater detail. Employees are also encouraged to discuss physical limitations and barriers to exercise, including the impact of illness, disease and pain.

Key Learnings

What you’ll learn

  • Solidify and expand on learnings from the seminar with a focus on:
  • Identify high-risk injuries, illness, disease and lifestyle factors that need to be considered when moving more or starting a new workout program
  • Discuss the impact and benefit moving more has on all eight areas of wellbeing
  • Create a personalised movement plan that suits your personality and lifestyle including strategies around habit formation and sustainable progression


What you’ll do

  • Seminar activities plus:
  • Participant in exercise demonstrations (not compulsory)
  • Identify lifestyle factors, injuries and disease that can impact exercise and how to modify or adapt for them
  • Apply evidence-based strategies to create a sustainable, achievable long-term movement plan


For your Team

  • Improved understanding of the different categories and types of exercise
  • Identification of the most suitable types of exercise based on a person’s history, biology, lifestyle and goals
  • Dispelling of common exercise myths allowing employees to distinguish between misinformation and evidence-based practices
  • Reduction of injuries, risk to chronic pain and repetitive stress injuries
  • Improved posture
  • Psychological exploration identifying limiting beliefs and past experiences that may have impacted employees’ enjoyment or participant in exercise
  • Understanding of the roles exercise physiologists, physios and personal trainers play in enhancing physical wellbeing and treating injury
  • Development of a personalised movement plan that fits each person’s personality, lifestyle, job, history and physical ability


For your Organisation

  • Reduced risk of workplace and non-workplace injury
  • Identification and understanding of poor movement patterns and how each can contribute to accute injury, stress injuries and chronic pain
  • Increased energy and physical fitness
  • Improved workplace culture and overall wellbeing as a result of better education and understanding of evidence-based exercise routines


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Organisations/individuals who want to empower employees to move better and reduce risk to injury with an exercise workshop that’s informative, enjoyable and tailored to each team member.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Wellness Workshop’s range of wellbeing workshops include evidence-based workshops to improve, support and enhance individual and organisational wellbeing, performance and productivity. Every workshop is created by our team of experts, on a range of specific topics, which are carefully crafted to include proven strategies and activities that motivate and engage your team members. All workshops and seminars include professionally designed learning materials and presentations that are visually appealing and interesting, and a whole lot better than a boring PowerPoint. 

Our aim is to make things as easy and enjoyable for you and your team. In addition to beautifully designed presentation materials, workshop materials and an emotionally engaging facilitator who will get your team talking, we’ll also provide you with a custom calendar appointment and graphically designed poster you can share digitally or print out to promote your upcoming workshop. If you’re booking a virtual workshop, we’ll also set up the workshop link on Zoom or MS Teams, and give you the option of recording your workshop for $599 with unlimited use. For face-to-face workshops, your investment includes travel, set-up, pack-down and facilitation at your workplace or chosen venue. We’ll also provide all printed materials for each participant to keep.

Every team member and facilitator at The Wellness Workshop is either an allied health practitioner who currently works in the industry, is degree qualified and a member of their relevant industry body, or an accredited and certified coach who has completed a range of qualifications relevant to the subject area. We do not hire casual facilitators and pride ourselves on providing your team with highly trained, highly experienced practitioners who are legally permitted to answer specific questions relevant to each workshop topic.

Workshops are 2 or more hours in length and include time for discussion, activities and interaction with the facilitator. Participants also get the opportunity to ask more questions and explore examples that are relevant to them. All 2+ hour workshops come with beautifully designed 32-40 page participant booklets that include key learnings, activities and additional materials. Seminars are 1 hour in length and more condensed with less detail. They are suitable for organisations who might not have the opportunity to block out 2 hours for a workshop. Seminars come with 2 page PDF summaries outlining key points from the session.

Our range of wellness workshop topics focus on either improving individual wellbeing, individual productivity, organisational wellbeing or organisational productivity and performance. Some topics may cover a range of areas but most will include strategies for improving psychological, physical and/or vocational enhancement.

Of course! We work with a wide variety of public, private and non-for-profit organisations who value employee and workplace wellbeing. We’ll get to know you and your team, understand your needs and help you decide on the most suitable topics and format that fit your criteria.

Workshop and seminar pricing is based on the duration of the workshop, format of the workshop (face-to-face or virtual) and how many participants you want to include. You can also benefit from group discounts for bookings of more than 4 x workshops per year with our range of Wellbeing Programs and Workshop Package options. Workshops start from $1199 for up to 15 x employees, with opportunity to increase to as much as 299 x participants.

Recordings are available to purchase and are professionally edited by our team to include an intro, outro, music bed and editing of any non-relevant content or activity time that generally isn’t enjoyable for an individual to watch. You can purchase the unlimited use recording of your workshop for $599.

As much as hybrid workshops sound like a good idea, we’ve run hundreds of workshops over the past 6 years and can tell you they’re not. Hybrid workshops don’t allow your team members or the facilitator to move around, interact and use a range of activity methods like white-boards and break out discussions when face-to-face. Unless you have a full camera crew and microphone on each participant, face-to-face workshops are very difficult to engage in for participants dialling in online or from home. If you’re going to take the time to prioritise employees and run a workshop, why not do it right by either having a face-to-face or online session everyone can enjoy. If another provider has told you hybrid workshops are a good idea, we’d really question the emotionally engaging component of their facilitation style. 

Of course! If you don’t have a suitable workplace to run a face-to-face workshop (e.g. a factory, farm or work-site) we can book a suitable venue at one of our venue partner sites around Melbourne. Venues come with everything you need including a projector or TV screen, comfortable seating, toilets and a range of amenities.

We’re so glad you’ve asked this, because it means you’re really thinking about what’s best for your workplace and employees. The Wellness Workshop was built by our Founder, Melani De Sousa who suffered five mental illnesses over two decades. Melani’s passion, commitment and dedication to improving individual and organisational wellbeing shines through everything we do. Our Australian run and owned business team take the time to care, listen and connect with your employees. We don’t talk at you. We listen, we engage and we ask questions. We’re not in it for the profit, we’re in it for the passion. We love seeing our clients succeed and flourish. And we have no doubt that if you’re engaging us, you’re a forward thinking organisation who cares and invests in their people.


Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer

Certified Health & Performance Coach

Founder, Mental Health Ambassador & Lived Experience Facilitator

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Movement For Life

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