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Create the infrastructure for a thriving workplace that enhances interpersonal skills, strengthens teamwork and drives results. 

Forget tokenistic initiatives that tick a box or generic online programs that aren’t tailored to your team or workplace. Choose the program for you and we’ll do the rest!

Gold Wellbeing Program

For the progressive workplace who positions themselves as the ultimate employer of choice

Gold Wellbeing Program

Discover the secret to attracting, developing and retaining the ultimate workforce.
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Silver Wellbeing Program

For innovative organisations looking to take the next step up in transforming employee wellbeing

Silver Wellbeing Program

Find the perfect balance in investing and retaining the people who make up your team.
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Bronze Wellbeing Program

For modern workplaces wanting to take the first step in investing in employee wellbeing and performance

Bronze Wellbeing Program

Take the first step in offering your employees a program that prioritises their wellbeing.
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Understand why Workplace Wellbeing Programs are the future of innovative workplaces looking to attract, develop and retain the best staff.

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Wellbeing workshops for your workplace
that drive action and engagement

Ready to increase knowledge and promote action with interactive and engaging face-to-face or online wellbeing workshops?

The difference between

knowing better and doing better

Our primary objective is to facilitate change within your workplace, not just prescribe it. We do this by putting your people at the centre of each program, aligning organisational goals and objectives with your team’s unique combination of personalities, skills and strengths.
Wellness Workshops

Trusted by hundreds of Australian and International organisations for workplace wellbeing

“Thank you so much for sharing all your valuable wellness advice with College staff in this series of workshops. Staff have commented on how much they enjoyed the structure and simplicity of the messages and they now have a few new ideas to put into action in their lives.”

– Paula Bradshaw, The Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

Trusted by forward thinking workplaces who value their people

Employee Assistance Programs

Wellbeing workshops plant a seed.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) facilitate growth.

Improve employee access to physical, vocational and mental health experts by bringing the allied health team in-house with a comprehensive and affordable Employee Assistance Program. More than an assistance program, our EAP team offers one-on-one coaching, skills training and ongoing support across all eight areas of wellbeing for your team.

Our Values

At The Wellness Workshop, our stimulating yet structured approach to workplace wellbeing strives to cultivate supportive, nurturing and healthy workplaces – increasing knowledge and promoting action. Our mission is to be “the difference between knowing better and doing better”. We do this by implementing a human-first approach to design that puts your people at the centre of each program.

Wellness Programs

Why forward-thinking companies engage an employee wellbeing partner and put wellbeing at the forefront of business

Employees are your most important customers… 
When they feel valued, happy and supported at work, businesses thrive.

Wellbeing in Australia

Investing in employee wellbeing isn’t just smart, it’s essential.

The workplace has evolved beyond a weekly paycheck, it’s become part of our identity.

Work isn’t what we do, it’s who we are.

With more and more employees feeling exhausted, stressed, and emotionally drained, cultivating a positive workplace has never been more important.

More than a wellbeing provider.

Our Mental Health Story

We don’t just know the impact of poor mental health and burnout, we’ve lived it.

Suffering from five mental illnesses over almost two decades sparked a deep desire within our founder Melani. She promised herself that once on the other side, she’d help others navigate and overcome similar mental health struggles and challenges that contributed to a reduced quality of life.

Harnessing her lived experience, years of therapy and hundreds of hours of research and study, Melani fulfilled her promise and founded The Wellness Workshop in 2016 to help individuals and organisations change the way they approach wellbeing, mental health and human performance.

Her approachable, self-deprecating and vibrant nature transpires through everything we do. It’s what makes us one of the most sought-after wellbeing partners for genuine, relatable and transparent content that connects with teams across Australia.

Where to find us

We’re based in Melbourne, offering face-to-face workshops in Victoria as well as flexible, convenient and high-quality virtual workshops across Australia and the globe.

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Wellbeing Programs