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Looking for a wellness centre in Melbourne to take care of your workplace wellbeing needs? Choose from a range of wellbeing programs to suit your team and budget.

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Evidence-based wellbeing programs
for your workplace and school.

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Want to reduce staff absenteeism, increase productivity and retain great employees?

The Wellness Worshop’s workplace wellbeing programs encompass a range of strategic wellbeing and employee training initiatives customised to suit your industry, workplace, team and budget.

Wellbeing Programs are less of a tokenistic bandaid fix, working to address core issues contributing to poor mental health, low job satisfaction, stress, and burnout in the workplace, while reducing the costs associated with high staff turnover and poor performance.

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Explore Wellbeing Workshops

Face-to-face and virtual evidence-based workshops delivered with a difference. Over 100 hours goes into developing, creating and facilitating each workshop with a focus on engaging your team and driving action.

Want to improve body diversity and inclusion?
Ready to boost performance with well-rested and energised employees?
Looking to offer regular corporate meditation classes at your workplace?
Ready to improve focus, reduce mistakes and promote employee wellbeing?
Want to strengthen communication and interpersonal relationships?
Want to reduce the risk of burnout, fatigue and employee absenteeism?
Looking for an inspiring mental health and body image speaker for your school?
Noticed unproductive and inefficient habits popping up at work?
Wondering how to manage mental health in the workplace?
Difficulty coping with change and regulating emotions?
Looking for ways to boost staff morale and overall wellbeing?
Looking for a workplace nutrition workshop with a difference?
Want to get the best out of your employees, reduce turnover and attract top talent?
Is your team burning the candle at both ends?
Is low self-awareness and poor accountability impacting performance?
Want to manage stress in the workplace better?
Is injury risk, sedentary work and chronic pain debilitating your workforce?
Looking for a workplace mindfulness class your employees want to attend?

Ready to increase knowledge and promote action with an engaging face-to-face or online workshops?

eap programs for employees

Employee Assistance Program

The Wellness Workshop’s Employee Assistance Program is perfect for small to medium sized businesses looking for a local Australian based provider who listens, cares and offers real value to your team.

Unlike most EAP’s, employees will get access to a full range of services aimed at enhancing and supporting personal and professional growth including psychology, counselling, occupational therapy, dietetics, exercise physiology, health and performance coaching, as well as meditation and mindfulness.

Avoid lengthy contracts, large call centres and global providers who care more about their margins than your people. Partner with The Wellness Workshop’s EAP and enjoy dedicated service, real people and a company you can trust.

Meditation and mindfulness classes with a difference

Looking to offer your team regular mindfulness and meditation classes?