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Face-to-face and virtual mindfulness workshops for your workplace lead by highly experienced instructors. Book a mindfulness workshop for staff today.

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Mindfulness Workshops

The Wellness Workshop

Mindfulness workshops suitable for all abilities. 

The Wellness Workshop’s mindfulness workshops are suitable for all ages, levels and abilities. Choose between virtual or face-to-face workshops around Australia taught by highly experienced, qualified instructors who adapt to your team’s personality, industry and learning style.

Workplace Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness practices have skyrocketed in popularity over the past two decades, in particular mindfulness meditation. Meditation is highly effective in reducing stress, cultivating mindfulness, managing anxiety and aiding emotional regulation.

But did you know meditation is just one strategy to cultivate mindfulness? Our mindfulness workshop enables your team to explore eight separate strategies for cultivating mindfulness that can be adapted to suit their lifestyle, personality and preferences.

Mindfulness for workplace

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How to practice mindfulness at work

Teacher Mindfulness Workshops at your school or online

Host a mindfulness workshop at your school in Melbourne for teachers and support staff. Or book a mindfulness workshop online in Australia. Workshops are suitable for all levels and group sizes up to 100 staff members. 

Choose between the 1 or 2 hour mindfulness workshop or run 30, 45 or 60 minute meditation classes throughout the year and demonstrate your commitment to teacher wellbeing.

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What are the benefits of mindfulness workshops?

Physical Benefits
  • Improved immune functioning
  • Reduced cellular inflammation
  • Hormone regulation
  • Enhanced fertility in women
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Regulates blood pressure, heart beat and metabolism
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Reduces fatigue
Mental Benefits
  • Reduces the symptoms of loneliness and general low mood
  • Regulates anxiety and mood disorders
  • Reduces stress and burnout
  • Builds resilience
  • Improves mental focus
  • Reduces memory loss
Lifestyle Benefits
  • Improves ability to deal with and manage stress
  • Meditation in groups assists with healthy habit formation
  • Meditation in groups improves social life and connection with others
  • Increases gratitude
  • Improves self-acceptance
Mindfulness activities for staff


Mindfulness workshops suit all ages, levels and personality types. Our classes are judgement-free, welcoming spaces where you feel calm, included and appreciated.

Each workshop is facilitated with a visual presentation guiding you through the fundamentals of mindfulness, how to choose a mindfulness strategy that fits your lifestyle (e.g. mindful eating, body scan activities…etc) and creating a sustainable plan that you can continue for years to come.

Many first-time participants indicate how refreshing it is to learn mindfulness strategies that are different to just meditation, as they allow them to discover activities that suit their lifestyle better.

In addition to the above, participants experience three separate guided mindfulness exercises lead by the instructor. Your team will also get a 32-40pg Workshop Booklet designed specifically for your mindfulness workshop including all participant activities and key learning frameworks from the workshop.

Our Practitioners work with you to deliver a mindfulness workshop that is tailored to your organisation’s ability and learning style. You have the option to book one or a series of workshops focused at improving all areas of wellbeing including mindfulness.

Did you know The Wellness Workshop not only offers 30, 45 and 60 minute meditation and mindfulness classes, but also a mindfulness workshop that educates your team about 8 different mindfulness strategies outside of meditation?

Our Mindfulness Workshop is perfect for beginners and individuals who struggle with the idea of meditation. It’s practical and informative and helps your team build a plan that’s right for their individual needs, while still promoting the benefits of reduced stress, better mental health and a more balanced lifestyle.

If you’re looking to run regular or one-off guided meditation classes for your team, you can choose from face-to-face or virtual meditation classes. Classes are either 30, 45 or 60 minute classes and facilitated by our experienced instructors.

Mindfulness Workshops are comprehensive content based trainings with a full presentation, key learning materials and more. Workshops start from $1199+gst per group for a 1 hour workshop and include:

  • Custom calendar appointment with synopsis, images and facilitator introduction
  • Custom A3 PDF poster you can hang in your workplace or share digitally with your team to promote your workshop
  • Workshop setup and facilitation
  • 1-2 x expert facilitators
  • 2 page PDF for 1 hour workshops and a 32-40pg Activity Booklet including all activities and key learning materials for the 2 hour workshop
  • Virtual workshops can be split into 2 x 1 hour sessions across two separate dates if you choose the 2 hour session
Meditation classes start from $189+gst and include:
  • Custom calendar appointment with synopsis and images
  • Guided meditation experience
  • 1 x expert instructor

Of course. In fact, most clients book a series of workshops and classes across a calendar year to ensure staff can benefit from regular sessions. Group bookings also carry discounts of up to 42%.

Emotionally engaging evidence-based workshops in Australia your team will want to attend again and again.

Want to book guided meditation or mindfulness classes instead of a workshop?