14 March 2023

3 Simple Strategies to Improve Corporate Health and Attract Top Talent

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3 Simple Strategies to Improve Corporate Health and Attract Top Talent

Corporate health refers to the overall wellbeing of a company and its employees, and may include strategies and initiatives to create a positive work environment that promotes physical, mental and emotional health and safety. Organisations that boast thriving and supportive workplace cultures generally have the ability to retain great staff, attract new talent and solidify themselves as an employer of choice. In a competitive job market that in Australia alone has seen the unemployment rate drop to 3.5% (ABS, January 2023) recruiting new employees can cost as much as $23,000 (Dreamstone HR, 2022) making the investment employers inject into their workforce now more important than ever.

So what can your organisation to improve corporate health and attract top talent? Our workplace wellbeing specialists share three simple strategies:

Strategy 1 - Assess existing corporate culture

Understanding your current workplace culture is essential to making improvements in the right areas, and who better to tell you what’s working and what’s not than your team members. Unfortunately, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds, particularly if employees feel uncomfortable or apprehensive to share their true feelings. If you sense this might be the case, try one of the following options provided below. Questions like “what areas of our culture are working well?” to “what needs to change in order for us to create a more positive workplace environment” are a good start if you’re designing the survey yourself.

Assessing existing corporate culture with one of the following:

    • Create a 1-2 page survey that’s printed out for employees to confidentially complete and leave in a marked box or tray*
    • Assign small working groups where one team member, not a manager or leader, is asked to write down the groups responses and ideas
    • Employ a trusted organisation outside of the business to run the survey and provide an analysis and insights report

*Why not electronic? Some employees may still feel that links are tracked internally to identify the user

How to Improve Corporate Health and Attract Top Talent

Strategy 2 – Provide development opportunities

Effective corporate health strategies tend to have a strong focus on selecting, training and retaining top talent. An effective way to do this is by providing leadership development opportunities for existing team members. Invest in your highest potential employees by implementing programs that can help them grow and advance within the organisation. This could include workshops, mentoring initiatives or special projects that employees are invited to participate in. Not only will a commitment to professional development ensures your team feels valued, it can also improve individual skill set, autonomy and confidence, while fostering a more positive organisation culture that supports employee growth.

"A commitment to professional development ensures your team feel valued, while fostering a positive organisational culture that supports employee growth"

Strategy 3 – Assign Brand Champions

Managers may be effective in leading a team to deliver results, but one often forgotten strategy to improve workplace culture and create a working environment people want to be a part of is selecting and assigning Brand Champions or Ambassadors that live the organisation’s values, model employee behaviour and act as an inspiration for new and existing employees.

Brand Champions don’t need to be managers high up in the organisation, achieve the best results or have been with the company for a long time. Rather brand champions are individuals who are team players that demonstrate emotional intelligence like empathy, support, great listening skills and the ability to motivate and connect with others. Your Brand Champion can also be someone who embodies your company mission statement and values, and is an inspiration to others in the team. You could even assign a new Brand Champion each month, quarter or year by rewarding an employee who has exhibited the qualities you want to promote in your workplace.

A Note from The Wellness Workshop
Remember, improving corporate health and fostering a positive work environment is much more than offering a free gym membership or a fruit bowl in the company staff room. Really think about what “corporate health” means to your workforce and ensure you’re investing in strategies that align with employee expectations

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